Social Payment System

Service included in: all package deals and as a separate product.


Kwettr lets people unlock content with a Facebook like, Instagram follow or post, Spotify follow/stream or simply by sending a Tweet on Twitter. Your biggest fans can use their socials to download or unlock a stream. 


Post a tweet and include #Paywithatweet and receive a free download or stream

Pay with a tweet

Like a Facebook page and receive a free download or stream

Pay with a Facebook like

Follow on Instagram or simply post an image using a certain hashtag

pay with an Instagram follow

Pre-save the newest album or single and unlock a stream or a discount for merchandise

Pay with a Spotify follow or pre-save

Our Social Payment Systems are included in all package deals and available as a separate service. Kwettr Social Payment Systems received the Accenture Innovation Public Prize.

I used Kwettr several times now and seeing the reactions of my fans was just overwhelming. It’s an easy way to share your news and say thank you at the same time. I can only recommend trying it!

Roger Shah
Magic Island Records

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How to use a Social Payment System

A Social Payment System is used as a communication- and marketing tool, to increase reach, traffic to portals and reward fans with exclusive content when they share, tweet, like or follow.

Increase reach

Letting fans tweet, like, follow increases reach on social media. Content goes viral. Dutch DJ Richard Durand uses his Social Payment System to let his fans tweet messages including the @handle of his label Reloaded. Over 24% more people were reached every month, organically, by fans interactions.

Traffic to sales portals

Bonzai released a 20 Years box of DJ Airwave. Their custom made Social Payment System lets fans share links to sales portals such as Beatport, Spotify and Amazon for the physical product. In return fans of Airwave were rewarded with exclusive content.

The Social Payment System collects email addresses of Airwave fans and increases traffic to DSP’s.

Grow community on socials

Coldharbour Recordings is DJ Markus Schulz’ record label. The label uses a Social Payment System to boost new releases and grow the community on Coldharbour Recordings socials. Markus Schulz’s large community drives fans to the labels Social Payment System, growing the community.

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