Social Media Reports

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Kwettr generates reports of your social media channels. Improve your content strategy, find out who your active users are and how to interact with them.

Profile Performance Reports, Content Optimization Reports, Following & Follower Intelligence Reports, Overall insights for Facebook and Instagram and, on request: data of most used hashtags or followers of competitors.

Insights per Social Media Report

Profile Performance Reports (Twitter)

Learn how your profile is performing in terms of followers, following and tweets evolution, influencers, engagement and top performing posts.

Content Optimization Reports (Twitter)

Find out when your community is online, when it is your best time to tweet. Exposure calculated per day, per hour. Information about what your community talks and shares links about.

Follower / Following Intelligence Reports (Twitter)

Timezones, countries, languages, gender, use of hashtags, trending topics and activity of your followers and the accounts you follow.

Overall Insights Reports (Instagram and Facebook)

A complete overview of how your Facebook and Instagram profile. Best performing posts, time to post, reactions of your community, popular topics, hashtags, reach and impressions.

On request: data of most used hashtags or followers of competitors (Twitter)

Download a list of tweets based on hashtags, dm’s received or sent but also lists of competitors followers. Useful in targeting ads and finding out the strategy of competitors.

Download free example reports here

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