Separate Products

Kwettr offers various products for your marketing solutions. Boost your reach on different social media platforms and interact with your target group.

A direct message campaign sends personalized messages to all your followers.

Used by

Kwettr customers: Cosmic Gate


Choons landing pages

Your music landing page. Create intelligent links that route fans to your music on all available portals.

Used by

Kwettr customers: BT


Kwettr Gamification tools let people unlock content with a like, tweet, snap, Instagram follow, email address, Youtube or Soundcloud follow. We have three categories:

Used by

Kwettr customers: Universal Music Group


Kwettr runs monthly reports of your social media channels. Profile Performance Reports, Content Optimization Reports, Following & Follower intelligence Reports & on request also share data of the most used hashtags or followers of competitors.

Used by

Kwettr customers: Flashover Recordings

The Kwettr app enables artists to get in touch with their fans during live performances. Push notifications based on geofencing. Kwettr app has its own community of dedicated users, who love to talk about your music online.

Used by

Kwettr customers: Paul van Dyk