Referral Hacks

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What is a Referral Hack?

A referral hack is a tool used for viral marketing: hacking growth. Your fans are asked to invite a friend to perform an action, as a reward both the fan and his friend unlock exclusive content. Fully automated, works with email- and social share.

How does it work?

After signing up you can choose the kind of referral hack you want for your brand. Available tools: unlock/download content with likes, tweets, shares, follows, email addresses. Competitions, prize-winning questions, find-it pictures, reveal artwork or videos.
Collected data (f.e. email addresses, mixes, tracks) are collected and stored in your Kwettr account.

How do I get it?

Sign up for Pro and Enterprise to get a Kwettr account. Customers enter their data in the Kwettr system, Kwettr makes the referral hack tool. Kwettr account managers help to determine the winning strategy for your referral hack tools.

Referral marketing is the best way to let a product go viral

Get inspired, read our user case

Roger Shah

German DJ Roger Shah used a Kwettr Referral Hack to make the pre-sale/save of his Magic Island compilation go viral. Fans unlock exclusive content when they share the pre-order link with their friends. All friends get the same offer. The Magic Island compilation reached no. 1 position in over 10 different iTunes stores.

Kwettr Referral Hacks example Roger Shah's Magic Island 9 campaign
Dropbox used a referral hack to establish a growth of

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