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Kwettr offers services aimed to increase revenue on sales portals such as iTunes, Apple Music, Beatport, Spotify, Amazon and Google. Kwettr started out as a business unit of a record company and has solid relationships with digital service providers.

Weekly pitches for features
Kwettr customers use forms to request promotional pitches
Kwettr products increase traffic to sales portals

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Black Hole Recordings

Weekly pitches in Kwettr account

Every week, at least 3 weeks prior to release, record label Black Hole Recordings fills out the Kwettr promotional pitch sheets in their account. Kwettr account managers pitch content to Beatport, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and iTunes. The information included by Black Hole Recordings: artist info, press photos and when available a tour schedule.

Featuring updates

Every week Black Hole Recordings logs into their Kwettr account and sees promo results. Featurings, playlists and streaming numbers. Measurable result of a label’s campaign: Black Hole has weekly featurings on Beatport and Spotify.

Also used

Black Hole Recordings used their Social Payment System and Direct Message Campaign simultaneously: fans received direct messages sending them to the Social Payment System for exclusive content. From there, users tweeted, shared and liked, generating traffic to Beatport. This information was used in the promotional pitch for banner requests.

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