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A piggybacking canvas is a tool to make a blueprint of your competitors’ strong points. Kwettr made a free canvas for you to use as a guideline. Use our Piggybacking tools to receive valuable data to fill in your canvas.

The Piggybacking Reports we offer

Backlinks & Referral Report

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Backlinks are valuable in online marketing: a backlink impacts the websites ranking in search engines. A backlink is a link a website gets from another website. Improve SEO by improving your backlinking strategy. Our reports show backlinks of your own website and how to improve those, and also show backlinks of your competitors’ websites.

Traffic Report

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Kwettr Traffic Reports help you find out where your main competitors invest in marketing efforts and learn how to improve your own marketing strategy. Reports show the origin of traffic, a benchmark of your own website compared to competitors’. Reveal traffic sources of other websites.

Influencer Report

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Kwettr Influencer Reports are an important input source for piggybacking sheets. Kwettr analyses your target groups and downloads valuable email addresses of leads, prospects or influencers. Expand your promo mailing list, enrich data files and build your online marketing.

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Get inspired, read our user case

The rebranding of record label Grotesque to Nocturnal Animals

Dutch record label Grotesque music, well known for trance releases and events under the Grotesque brand, used a piggybacking canvas to determine the right strategy for rebranding. 

Data collection: Piggybacking Canvas

The label wanted to expand to other genres besides trance and decided that rebranding the label was the first step to achieve this. Kwettr’s dedicated account manager helped to determine strategy, based on collected data. 

Data blueprint

The first step was to fill the piggybacking sheet with data of competitors. The Kwettr system filled the piggybacking canvas: website traffic, social performance, top-ranking backlinks and referral sites, paid and organic keywords, follower psychographics were collected. Based on these data weaknesses and strong points of competitors were determined. A strategy for rebranding was made.

Connect to fans

The second step was gaining insights into how Grotesque should connect to fans with their newly branded record label and events. Kwettr provided information to target social and Google ads on all followers of their competitors. Target packs, referral links and @handles for targeting.

Connect to stakeholders

The third step was to connect to booking agencies, clubs, DJ’s, influencers and artists. Kwettr piggybacking canvas provided useful contact details (including email addresses) of the new target group. 

The Kwettr account manager provided a UX design report, based on the results of the report the website’s design was adjusted. 


Grotesque Music successfully rebranded to Nocturnal Animals. UX design test resulted in a website that was clear to the target group. Target packs for social ads were used to drive traffic to their website. Leads, influencers and stakeholder were reached using the canvas. Within 1 month after rebranding the first single was released, premiering in Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance.

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