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A piggybacking canvas is a tool to make a blueprint of your competitors’ strong points. Learn from competitors: piggyback on their successful efforts. The canvas is used to collect data on SEO, backlinks, influencers, social stats all transfered into actionable ideas. Kwettr made a piggybacking canvas for you to use as a guideline.

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Neoclassical label Stillpoint uses Kwettr Piggybacking sheets to expand reach amongst influencers for Spotify and YouTube. Kwettr computers scan the internet based on the set criteria. The Kwettr account manager enters data in the piggybacking sheets, up to 50.000 lines per sheet.

Filter email addresses

Once the piggybacking sheets have been filled with the data requested by Stillpoint, email addresses are filtered. The label manager receives a list of contacts and email addresses for blogs, media and influencers working in the neoclassical genre.


Over 1000 new valuable contacts were generated in the piggybacking sheets. Bloggers, influencers, magazines, radio stations, fellow composers.

Data protection

Kwettr can only filter out email addresses if they are publicly available. Kwettr does not violate any privacy regulations. The email addresses are not used in Kwettr mailings, label managers use the email addresses to grow their promo list and send personal emails.

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