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Kwettr offers marketing & communication solutions for your company. We have over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, and we are eager to share this with you.


Direct message campaign
Email campaigns

A direct message campaign sends personalized messages to all your followers, to drive traffic to your Kwettr Social Payment System.

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Kwettr collects email addresses of users. Our email program follows all rules of GDPR. Kwettr mail campaigns have extensive targeting methods, leading to a high CTR.

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Social Payment System
Gamification tools
Kwettr app

A Social Payment System lets your fans pay with a tweet, Like, snap, selfie, and a Spotify follow. Fully integrated into your own website or as a standalone service.

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Kwettr Gamification tools let people unlock content with a like, tweet, snap, Instagram follow, email address, Youtube or Soundcloud follow. We have three categories:

– Unlock content.
For example, a track, mix or discount coupon. Use a game to let people enter a competition.

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– Spotify Pre Saves
Let your fans pre-save your new single or album on Spotify

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– Referral Hacks
A referral hack lets your fans invite their friends to download content for free, in return for an incentive. Once a referral has been given, your fan receives the incentive

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The Kwettr app enables artists to get in touch with their fans during live performances. Push notifications based on geofencing. Kwettr app has its own community of dedicated users, who love to talk about your music online.

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IBM Watson
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The Watson platform and database has data of over 800 million people.
It can identify and understand any audience by combining over 175 different attributes.
These include their interest and location, what they talk about and how they define themselves.

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Kwettr runs monthly reports of your social media channels. Profile Performance Reports, Content Optimization Reports, Following & Follower intelligence Reports & on request also share data of the most used hashtags or followers of competitors.

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Kwettr uploads the reports into Facebook Ads Center and targets ads based on the Watson analyses.

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