Kwettr Music Marketing

Kwettr Marketing for Streaming

Kwettr requests playlist features on Spotify and Apple Music.
We let fans post or tweet a message containing a link to Spotify or Apple Music. In return, the fan receives a free track or unlocks a stream, Spotify pre-save or exclusive content. Direct message campaigns boost traffic to sales portals; viral effect drives people to streaming services.

In just one click Kwettr adds content to the Spotify account of your fan. Amplified reach for new releases.

Kwettr Marketing for Downloads

Kwettr lets people tweet, post or share a message containing a link to a release on Beatport. Our promotional campaigns generate traffic to Beatport. Kwettr requests banners and featurings on Beatport.


Kwettr Live Communication & Marketing 

Kwettr sends personal welcome messages to visitors of festivals, containing a call to action.
“Post a selfie on Instagram and receive 10% discount on merchandise”
Artist and fans interact, live, using Kwettr. Fans can upload their own content, artists can moderate and share videos from backstage.
The app rewards most loyal fans with exclusive content.