Blog: How trance legend Airwave celebrates 20 years of hard work

How trance legend Airwave celebrates 20 years of hard work

What is the best way to celebrate 20 years of hard work? Find out how>>

Airwave, one of Belgium’s iconic underground dance music gurus celebrates 20 years and, to mark the occasion we have something really special lined up. A collection of his best tracks on several different formats and an exclusive mix of his 20 Years album release. Made by Airwave himself, a free mix of classics to get you into a state of trance: free 20 years mini mix.

10 Years challenge? Let’s make it a 20 years challenge

Started in the nineties, two decades on, he is still creating supremely unique soundscapes that continue to captivate. For Airwave it’s all about the music, he puts his heart and soul into every production and is rewarded with dedication and loyalty from his massive fanbase. To mark Airwave’s 20 years in the music industry, Bonzai Progressive conjured up an irresistible multi-format release of a choice selection of top cuts with both the collector and the working DJ in mind.

If vinyl matters to you… go BLUE

We all know the formats that matter these days (well, the format actually, digital) but back in the days releasing music could be done in more than just one way. CD’s, cassettes, videotapes, DVD’s…. and of course our beloved vinyl. What else would be suitable for a legendary release than a vinyl release? Bonzai Progressive decided to craft something even more special: a blue vinyl. Collector’s edition available here: Magik Muzik Shop.

What’s blue in a digital age?  

Besides a very strong physical release, Bonzai Progressive released a digital version too. A Kwettr Pro campaign was used to market 20 Years of Airwave Classics. Let’s break down all elements of the marketing campaign:

We start with a strong content marketing strategy: Kwettr Social Payment Systems

A specially branded Social Payment System was made for Airwave, to give his fans great content as an exclusive free giveaway. The value of a strong relationship with fans is crucial for labels and artists, a Social Payment System has landing pages that enable fans to unlock exclusive content in return for tweets, likes, snaps, selfies or follows. In this case, all people who either follow the record label Bonzai Progressive on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Spotify receive a free 20-minute mix of trance classics made by Airwave. People tweet, like or follow and receive a link to download the mix via email. A powerful relationship marketing tool, connected to Google Analytics to show conversion rates

Wait… but what about physical?

A Social Payment System can also be used to let people share a special discount on a physical product. For example, a 10% discount in return for a tweet, like or share.

So how do we boost traffic? Here’s how >>

A strong Kwettr tool to boost traffic is a direct message campaign on Twitter or Instagram. To ensure his fans do not feel spammed, we use an excellent targeting to connect only to those who have previously been in touch with Airwave. So how does it work?

  1. We filter out all active Instagram and Twitter followers: all people who have not used their accounts in 3 months
  2. We create target groups of followers based on country, age, interests, activities
  3. We custom make personalized messages to these groups. For example: a Spanish follower can receive a Spanish message.

After that, we start sending direct messages to fans of Airwave, to select groups of followers who have all shown interaction with the artist.

“A normal conversion on email is 1%. Conversion on Kwettr direct messages varies between 15% and 42%”

We use this detailed targeting method to ensure no messages are perceived as spam or inappropriate.

How to increase traffic, take two

Kwettr communication tools go beyond the free giveaway experience of a Social Payment System. We take it a step further by using our own Kwettr App.

The app enables people to unlock the content way before the release date. Same principle, a tweet or like will do. Besides that, fans use the app to create content. For example: a fan attends a show and takes a picture of the DJ. The picture is uploaded in the app, gets a special filter and can then be added to any social medium of choice. Video’s, pictures, selfies: user-generated content ready to be shared on socials.

The app uses geo-targeting to send messages to fans, so all people in a certain proximity of a show get a welcome message. The artist shares exclusive backstage images.

Last but not least: email

And of course, Kwettr has its own community of dance music lovers. A mailing blast is done to over 35.000 fans, they all get the free mix and of course a call to action to buy the vinyl.

Kwettr promotions: get your products featured on Spotify, Apple Music and Beatport

As an extra, our Pro package comes with promotional add-ons. Kwettr pitches music to curators at Beatport, we let fans pre-save music on Spotify and drive traffic to streaming services. Our Deluxe package deal includes Spotify ads package too.

Music Marketing

A Kwettr product or service is digital marketing made social: music promotions made by fans instead of paid search. Our case studies show effective long term online marketing tools. Like many trance music DJ’s and labels, Bonzai Progressive uses Kwettr internet marketing as a way to reach more people and grow revenue.