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How to create the ultimate link building landing page for free

Looking for a high-quality music landing page? Look no further, our free link building tool Choons.

Any artist can relate to this issue: needing to communicate a new release to fans. A new single, album, tour, anything worth communicating to fans. This is an area that, in the digital age, both have endless opportunities as well as a couple of challenges. Our free product Choons helps you face all challenges when it comes to music marketing. Before we dive into choons, let’s have a look at Why record labels and artists need link building tools.

Let’s start with some of the biggest challenges:

Facebook post links to music portals

Challenge no. 1: streamline communication

Record companies or artists that want to release a new track start with making a solid marketing plan. A well thought of strategy for communicating a pre-order or pre-save is important. The first step is always to generate high-quality content, once this has been delivered to sales portals we face certain challenges.
Here comes the tricky part: try to effectively communicate all pre-order or pre-save links in just 1 post. Not only will this be a mess on socials, but chances are also that people will lose interest when reading the post because it is long and tedious.
And equally important: how to measure success in an easy way? Using multiple links means tracking multiple links.

Challenge no. 2: Measure success 

Every post on social media or mailing you send out can have track and trace links, of course. But communicating more than 1 link is challenging to say the least: each extra click to a sale or stream can be a lost click, and that influences your advertising budget. If on average, your fan can click over 5 different links, then you need to track all these clicks and measure success. People lose their attention very easily.

So what do we need? An intelligent music landing page

Like mentioned above, the digital age comes with great opportunities as well. Our tech developers have done a thorough investigation over the past years, asking hundreds of artists and labels what they value in solid marketing communications. The outcome of this research shows that an intelligent music landing page is needed to tackle both challenges. We created Choons: a self-serving landing page creator for labels and artists. Custom made for any label, brand or DJ, each link building campaign starts with Choons.

Added value: find out why you need this:

  1. Communication
    One landing page to unify all links. Instead of communicating dozens of links to sales portals, use just that one choons link to your own custom made Choons board.
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  2. Marketing
    Include the Choons link in all your marketing efforts: mailings, ads, posts.
  3. Sales
    Track and trace all clicks to sales portals such as iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Spotify, Beats 1 Radio. A Choons board enables you to include countless links to sales portals, but best practice is to focus on a select few that generate the most revenue. For example the iTunes Store for pre-order, Apple Music, a link to your site or links pointing to portals that monetize your content.
  4. Data analysis
    Measure clicks per portal, territory or content. Each piece of content is tracked, a perfect way to learn more about music sales. Artists get data about buying links, that can be used in a link building strategy.

Choons saves time and shows valuable insights into sales data.

That’s great! How can I get this?

The best thing is, you can now get this for free. Start our 30-day free trial and discover all the benefits it has. During the 30 day trial, you can use your own custom made choons music landing page for as many releases as you like.

What comes next:

The first 30 days are free, after that there are two options.

Choons subscription

A Choons subscription gives you 24/7 access of your personal Choons web page, for as long as you like.

Package deal

Our Choons link building pages are also included in Kwettr package deals. Our deals offer a wide range of marketing and communication tools to promote music in the best possible way. 

The importance of data in future marketing plans

Collecting and interpreting data in the digital age should be the backbone of any long term marketing plan. With Kwettr tools we enable artists and labels to collect all sorts of data, including data from social media, sales, streams and data collected using artificial intelligence tools. Find out all about our services here.

Link building: an important ranking factor

Creating relevant links to your content is important for search engines. Choons links are easy to share, for example, they can be included in a guest post, anchor text or blog comment. The Choons cms is an easy to use back-end system in which you can manage links. Also, make sure all your internal links and no-followed links are checked frequently.

To sum up: a shortcut to getting started

Choons is your music landing page. Create intelligent links that route fans to your music on all available portals.

  • Easy to use
  • 30-day trial, no strings attached
  • Create 1 link to an unlimited number of portals
  • View clicks, statistics and geographical data

Get started in just a few minutes. Enter your data and get access to your free account.