Blog: Are you still waisting money on promoting your music

Are you still wasting money on promoting your music?

STOP wasting money. Let your fans (and Kwettr fans) do the talking and spread the word on your music.
How starting artists and small record labels benefit from using Kwettr.

We get it. Promoting music is a difficult business, especially if you are a starting artist. Smaller artists cope with small budgets, small reach on socials and limited time. Here’s a way to grow without spending your life savings.
Yay! Free Tools!

Let’s start with our free tools. We offer tools that are free to anyone, small or big artists. Take our Free Social Payment Systems for example. A free custom made web application that enables your fans to unlock your music by telling their friends about it. A follow on Spotify and a tweet or like: fans get rewarded and you as an artist get a bigger reach on social media and more followers on Spotify. The good thing about it? Yes, you guessed it: it is free!

Knowledge is power!

Wait, there are more free tools. How about our free Choons link builder? A smart URL link builder that generates just one link that you need to communicate instead of dozens. No more separate links to iTunes, Spotify or Amazon: all in 1. It gives you insights on user behaviour, territories and streams. And yes, for free

And how about cranking up your overall knowledge of marketing music? Our site has loads of free downloads of specially crafted white papers filled with tips and tricks.

Ready to take it one step further? Here’s what you get for less than Eur. 10

Our Kwettr community consists of over 20.000 dedicated music fans, all waiting to hear (and share!) your music. A featuring in our app is less than Eur. 10 and gives you access to all those people. We feature your track and let all our users unlock it with a tweet, like or share. So even if you don’t have any followers on your social media channels, reaching a large audience is just a few clicks away

Best buy for your buck: Kwettr Basic

Still on a tight budget but anxious to reach even more people? How about our best buy product: our Basic package? It enables you to send your followers on social media a direct personal message, a custom made social payment system and of course mailings to our Kwettr database. Over 20.000 dedicated users receive emails about your music: social unlocks, Spotify or Youtube follows, anything you like. We even help you create the best promotional plan you can possibly write.