The solutions we offer

Get to know your customers, start direct communications and reward your most loyal fans. Use relationship marketing to increase your revenue. 


Kwettr Communication tools enable you to talk to your followers on social media.

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Kwettr Marketing tools let your followers pay for content with tweets, likes, shares, selfies.

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Kwettr Data Analysis provides a valuable insight into online buying behaviour.

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Data as a currency

Kwettr lets people pay with a Facebook like, Instagram follow or post, Spotify follow/stream or simply by sending a Tweet on Twitter. Your biggest fans can use their socials to download or unlock a stream. 


Post a tweet and include #Paywithatweet and receive a free download or stream

Like a Facebook page and receive a free download or stream

Follow on Instagram or simply post an image using a certain hashtag

Pre-save the newest album or single and unlock a stream or a discount for merchandise 

Kwettr for your company

Record Labels
Services include Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music and Amazon promotions.

Artist, DJ, Band 
Get in touch with your followers and increase revenue. Music in return for social shares.

Live communication and social media marketing. Visitors share content and get rewarded with discounts on merchandise, music and ticket sales.

Share exclusive content. Live messaging in sport venues, theatres, cinemas. Predict future visits and sales.

Supermarkets, shopping centres, convenient stores. Scan a price tag, tweet or like a message and receive a discount at the cash register.

Reward visitors when they post a selfie of your restaurant or theme park. Direct, personal messages to all visitors.

Case study 

in 2 weeks

Bojac – Twisted was released on the label Boom Tsjak! on September 8 2017. All Bojac’s followers received a direct message through Twitter. His fans were asked to post a tweet with a link to the release on Spotify, in return, they got a 2 minute pre-listen of the track. Traffic was generated to Spotify resulting in over a dozen playlist features and over 800.000 streams in 2 weeks time.

What people say about Kwettr

I used Kwettr several times now and seeing the reactions of my fans was just overwhelming. It’s an easy way to share your news and say thank you at the same time. I can only recommend trying it!

Roger Shah
Magic Island Records

Kwettr is a brilliant opportunity to get your message heard in a way that connects you even more with your fans. Seeing the feedback on Kwettr campaigns is impressive and give you the unique chance to give an even more personal thank you to your audience while sharing news with them at the same time.

Jenny Walzer
Project & Digital Campaign Management

The Kwettr experience gave us a fantastic boost in our social media presence and gave us a much needed look into our statistics and demographics. I would highly recommend partnering up as we saw higher sales and larger reach for our re- cent releases which attributed largely to the addition of our Kwettr page.

Benjamin Leung
AVA Recordings

Accenture Innovation Awards

Third place

Buma Meets Tech Awards


Midem Marketing Competition



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